Custom Choose Your Own Accent Colors - Sunflower Bouquet with Baby's Breath and Greenery

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Bouquet with silk sunflowers, sola wood flowers in ivory and up to three custom color selections, with baby's breath and faux greenery. Please note, the "natural" color selection is the style of flower that will be included if this color is selected. All other flower styles can and will vary based on current inventory levels and to keep orders unique, so they are not exact duplicates.
Choose up to three colors from the color charts and list them in the notes section. Raw/ivory is included in all bouquets and cannot be removed (this does not count towards your three color choices).

Customer Reviews

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Cassandra Gibboney

The flowers I ordered turned out beautiful and the customer support was very helpful, however I ordered my flowers multiple months in advance of my wedding hoping to have them delivered early enough for any mistakes, indecision, etc and they did not show up until 2 weeks before we are set to leave the state. Part of it was shipping, part of it seemed to be how the orders are processed and handled or created by the maker. Also important to note that I ordered 2 separate orders to come around the same time and it was not packaged as such. Loved the flowers, but IF I order again, it will be well in advance, with an earlier date, and will be keeping an eye out on the delivery.

While we're thrilled that you found your flowers beautiful, we're pretty confused with your unhappiness regarding shipping. Not only is our shipping policy on our website that states we ship closer to your given event date (as the majority of wedding florists do) but we also personally spoke with you multiple times after you placed your initial order regarding when shipping would take place. Had you wanted them sooner, we would have happily accommodated your request as we have with other customers. You also contacted us just before your order was to ship, wanting to place an additional order for the same event and wanted to make sure they would ship at the same time, which they did. All of your items had to ship in 2 packages as it would have been impossible to safely package them into one. Our priority is making sure items arrive in beautiful condition, not that they all get crammed in one box. This is a pretty disheartening take on our services. We wish you the best.

Skylar D

Bought a few products for my friends wedding. They arrived timely & better than expected. 10/10 recommend & will definitely order for my own wedding!


My bouquet turned out gorgeous!


Amazing! Can't wait for my wedding day to show off these beauties!!