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Add a touch up kit to your order for your sola wood flower item. If your order has three dyed colors, you will need to purchase a three pack, if it has two dyed colors, you will need a two pack, etc. Ivory does NOT count as a dyed color. Each container will hold approximately 10ml of dye. A small paint brush will be included for each color.

To use: Wet your paint brush and get a small amount of dye on the end of it. Mix it with the water (you can do this by swishing it around on the cap of the container) and using a small amount, carefully touch up any broken or cracked petals of your sola flowers. Tightly replace cap when finished and place in fridge to keep fresh for longer. Allow area of flower to fully dry. Please know, colors can and will vary between devices.

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Ms A

Thank you!! It'll be good to have on hand in case it's needed.

Always great to plan ahead and keep your flowers looking their best! Thank you!


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Thank you!


Havent had to use this yet, but glad I bought in case I need to fix something.