Burgundy, Navy, and Ivory Bouquet with Greenery

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Bouquet with sola wood flowers in burgundy, navy, and ivory, with faux greenery. Flower styles can and will vary based on current inventory levels and to keep orders unique, so they are not exact duplicates.
Size pictured is an extra large (approximately 10" in diameter).

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It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It got here much earlier than expected and the quality is sooo high. I loveeeee it.

So happy to hear! Thank you!


Beautiful and well crafted item.

Thank you!


The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and the colors are amazing. Our only issue is that we spent $281 + another $20 at the post office, and the bouquet is so small. We ordered a large bouquet, and it's definitely not a bridal bouquet it's more like a small bridesmaid bouquet. We were planning on buying 5 more bouquets and 5 boutonnieres, but after seeing my bridal bouquet and the size, we are thinking differently. Also, there are plastic baby breaths in my bouquet, which don't look good with those gorgeous flowers. I was so excited for my bouquet and spent an hour crying over it because of its size and what it cost me.

This is an incredibly disheartening review. Ashley, you did not spend $281 on your bouquet. You purchased a large, which was $162. You live in Canada, we are in the US. Shipping costs are out of our hands, but the current price for your package to be shipped internationally was $38, so a total of $200. The additional amount paid at the post office was for your country's taxes, something else that is out of our hands. You contacted me when the order was shipped, absolutely furious that you purchased the wrong bouquet. As much as we would love to, we haven't quite mastered mind reading. We ship what is ordered. The picture of your bouquet is identical to the one you ordered, aside from ordering a large and an XL being pictured. Please pay attention to what you purchase on your next attempt. Best wishes.


I originally placed my order in mid-November. My item was prepared and shipped within the seller's advertised time-frame. Because my order was shipped within the couple weeks prior to Christmas, the post office lost it, due to staffing shortage and the insane amount of packages they have during that time. Thankfully, my wedding is not until October and while it was frustrating that they lost it, I understood. NOT THE SELLER'S FAULT. The seller was very responsive, quick to make me a new bouquet and we made a plan to delay the shipment of the 2nd package until after the holiday mess. I received my bouquet and it's exactly as described and looks in the image. I am very happy to have a wedding keepsake I can cherish long after my big day. I would 100% recommend this seller and her items.

Thank you so much, Rebecca!