Navy and Ivory Bouquet with Baby's Breath and Greenery

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Bouquet with sola wood flowers in navy and ivory, with baby's breath and faux greenery. Flower styles can and will vary based on current inventory levels and to keep orders unique, so they are not exact duplicates.
Size pictured is an extra large (approximately 10" in diameter). 

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The flowers are inverted which makes the look obviously fake. The others ones look nice and how I expected but I'm very disappointed

This is the first time we've heard this unusual complaint. The flowers are not 'inverted', they are made in this style, which is clear from buyer's photo. This style of flower is shown multiple times in every single example photo from the listing buyer purchased from. We reached out to the buyer to better understand and her only response was to change her review from 2 stars to 3 stars. If buyers don't want certain styles of flowers in their bouquet, they're welcome to reach out to us and make their request, which we're happy to do. It would seem the only thing the buyer has to be disappointed in is herself, just as we continue to be disappointed in negative reviews that have nothing to do with our service or product, but the choices of the buyer.


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Came in the mail just as it was pictured. I was worried about possible shipping damage but it arrived perfect!

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I purchased the large bride bouquet. I was pleased with how it turned out.

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